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Impressive photographic effects produced on digital interchangeable lens cameras are made possible on your tablet or smartphone.

Olympus Image Palette photo editing app

Supported OS : iOS 8.0 - 10.0 / Android 4.0 - 7.0

Olympus Image Palette (OI.Palette) is a free photo editing app that lets you edit your photos using features such as Art Filter, Colour Creator, and Highlight & Shadow Control, made popular on Olympus digital interchangeable lens cameras such as the OM-D and PEN series. Simple touch operation editing can turn your photos into fantastic masterpieces.

Expand your range of expression with Art Filter. Select from 28 different filter options and 8 supplemental effects.

Make your Art Filter photos even more appealing by adding Art Effects.

*Available Art Effects may differ depending on the Art Filter applied.

  • Soft Focus Effect
  • Pin Hole Effect
  • White Edge Effect
  • Frame Effect

With Colour Creator, you can control the hue and colour saturation for more dramatic photo finishes. Operate the Colour Ring that appears on the screen to adjust the hues (30 levels) and saturation (8 levels) of the colours in your photo.

Highlight & Shadow Control lets you add variation to photos by controlling light and shaded sections of the image. Highlights and shadows can be adjusted from -7 to +7 steps by using the tone curve that appears on the screen.

Both the OM-D, which provides pro-level image quality while remaining compact and lightweight, and the PEN, with its stlylish, refined design appropriate for any occasion, allow you to select Art Filters and adjust colour using the Colour Creator before you shoot, as you confirm the effects on the Live View screen.