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Setup Easy Setup

For cameras with Wi-Fi


To display the QR code on the camera's rear monitor, tap the [Wi-Fi icon] on the monitor or select Connection to smartphone from the menu.


Launch OI.Share, open the tab on the bottom of the Home screen, and tap [Easy Setup] to scan the QR code displayed on the camera's rear monitor.



Install the Wi-Fi configuration profile.

After installation is complete, tap on [Complete].

  • * Profile installation must be completed in order to connect to the camera.


Tap on [Connect] after the scan is complete.


When the camera is connected, the icon on the tab at the bottom of the Home screen indicates On.

  • * In the case of iOS, if the smar tphone is connected to a home Wi-Fi router or other access point it will not automatically connect to the camera via Wi-Fi and connection settings will not be completed. Open Wi-Fi Settings on your smartphone to manually select your camera as the connection source.