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The new Olympus Workspace software replaces Olympus Viewer 3[*]. Supporting various styles of photography workflows, this software is packed with features that meet the demands of pro photographers, including a more customisable screen layout and high-speed RAW preview.

  • Olympus Viewer 3 download service ends on March 31, 2019.

Customisable layout to suit your workflow

The main window and seven different sub-windows can be customised in any way you like. The layout is customisable to suit your workflow. Arrange each window to make editing portrait orientation photos easier or display the preview window full-screen on one monitor of a multi-monitor setup.


Used on one monitor

Used with multiple monitors

Speedy selection from a massive amount of image data

Display 100% magnification with one-click

Simply click a specific location to switch to 100% magnified display when you want to check the focus or details. Magnification ratio can also be changed.

Normal display

Magnified display

Select the best shot with Light Box

This feature makes it possible to display multiple images on the screen simultaneously. The display location can be synchronised to enlarge specific areas for comparison.

Five rating levels

Five rating levels are now supported for ranking shooting data priority and importance. Images can be filtered by rating.

Advanced RAW processing and editing for pro photographers

Olympus Workspace meets all the needs of photographers including versatile editing functions such as RAW processing using parameters set during shooting, convenient batch processing for multiple images, and customisable functions.

Included editing functions

Rotate/reverse, trimming/tilt correction, exposure compensation, white balance, colour correction (colour saturation, brightness, hue), Clarity, Dehaze, tone curve (level correction), Highlight & Shadow, contrast, colour saturation, tone correction, Art Filter, colour filters, shading correction, distortion correction, Fisheye Compensation, Keystone Compensation, sharpness, unsharp mask, red eye correction, video editing (combine, cut, extract)

  • A 64-bit OS and 4 GB or more of memory are required for High Res Shot RAW processing.
  • Some parameters cannot be applied during RAW processing.
  • RAW processing may take more time than usual depending on operating conditions.

Two new editing filters

The new Clarity and Dehaze editing filters are included on Olympus Workspace. Clarity adjusts tones partially to enhance shadows and the texture of images. Dehaze makes images clearer that have become cloudy due to air quality or rays of light.

Clarity (before use)

Clarity (after use)

Dehaze (before use)

Dehaze (after use)

Dehaze (before use)

Dehaze (after use)

Dehaze (before use)

Dehaze (after use)

Automatic recording of editing detail on an image.

Olympus Workspace automatically records RAW processing and editing details such as adjustment of white balance or tone curve. It is simple to revert to original settings.

  • If you apply the setting on the image, use Export.

Copy and paste editing details

You can copy and paste editing details onto selected images. Four settings are available to save with naming.

Batch processing

It is now possible to save RAW processing and editing details as a batch processing file, and then load and apply it to other images when editing. Batch processing files can also be set on export for applying in a batch to multiple files.

Convenient customisable functions

Frequently used RAW processing settings and editing filters only can be collected in a single favourites tab.

  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.