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    • OLYMPUS OA.ArtFilter
      Make your photos works of art

      OA.ArtFilter is a photo app for use with the Olympus Air open platform camera. Simply select an Art Filter that matches your creative vision and touch the screen to capture an artistic image.

    • OS CompatibilityiOS 7.0 to 10.0/Android 4.0 to 7.0
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Creative expressions: Art Filter and Art Effects

The Olympus Air is equipped withthe popular Art Filter function available on Olympus digital cameras. There are 14 Art Filters including Partial Colour, that lets you leave a specific colour to emphasise a part of a photo, and Vintage, that lets you turn an everyday moment into something nostalgic. These can be combined with Art Effects to create truly artistic photos.

Basic functions

Multi aspect ratio

You can select an aspect ratio to fit your subject and theme from 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, and 1:1. Create impressive photos by combining aspect ratios and Art Filters.

Electronic and digital zooming

When an electronic zoom lens is attached, zooming can be operated from your smartphone. Because you can operate the camera remotely, this function is useful in composing shots for group photos. The camera is also equipped with a digital zoom function for telephoto shooting up to 3x with minimal image degradation.


With a sharing button within the app, you can easily share favorite photos with friends and family via social networking services or e-mail.


When using the self-timer, a countdown to shutter release appears on the smartphone so you know exactly when the photo will be taken.

Adding geotags

By transfering geotags acquired by your smartphone to the Olympus Air, you can add the geotags to photos saved on the camera's SD card.

The Olympus Air open platform camera

The Olympus Air open platform camera is a new concept camera that fuses the intelligence of a smartphone and of an interchangeable lens camera. Using the Olympus Air lets any smartphone user easily capture interchangeable-lens-camera-quality photos.