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    • OLYMPUS OA.Viewer
      View and edit photos on a smartphone

      OA.Viewer is a photo app for viewing and editing photos captured on the Olympus Air open platform camera. In addition to editing functions such as adjusting aspect ratio and trimming images, music saved on a smartphone can be used for background music in a slide show.

    • OS CompatibilityiOS 7.0 to 10.0/Android 4.0 to 7.0
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      • Google play

What you can do with OA.Viewer

View and delete data

You can display (thumbnail display, single frame display) and delete (single frame delete, select and delete, delete all images) images stored on the micro SD card inserted in the Olympus Air.


You can upload images to social networking services and send them as e-mail attachments. Easy to share with friends and family.

Image editing

You can trim, rotate, and change the aspect ratio of images.

Slide show display

You can play back a slide show of images saved on the micro SD card along with the music saved on your smartphone. Transition effect settings, display time settings, and background music settings can be adjusted, and the photo sequence can be shuffled.
*Movies are not included in slide shows

Olympus Air Open platform camera

The Olympus Air open platform camera is a new concept camera that fuses the intelligence of a smartphone and of an interchangeable lens camera. Using the Olympus Air lets any smartphone user easily capture interchangeable-lens-camera-quality photos.