OM Capture

Remote Control

You can easily control the camera from a computer, just as if you were using the camera itself.

Versatile parameter changes

Camera settings are easy to change with an interface based on our popular Super Control Panel. In addition, the camera can be controlled from either the camera or the computer at any time without having to switch live view settings since the camera is mirrorless. The software is also compatible with the OM SYSTEM (Olympus) wireless RC flash system.

Supports various shooting scenes

In addition to normal shooting, you can use sequential shooting, bulb, composite, and interval shooting. You can also use manual focus when the focus mode is set to S-AF + MF, or MF.
For shutter release control, a half-press button and a full-press button have been prepared and can be operated independent of each other. And because AEL and AFL modes are reflected in the software, you can control AE and AF using familiar settings.
The AF-ON button has been added to the OM-1. Just like on the camera, you can select AF operation timing that is different from AE.

Greater freedom and ease of use in Super Control Panel

It is now possible to customise the layout and order of items on Super Control Panel so only those you need for shooting are displayed. Intuitive customisation is possible while checking the Live View display in the setting screen.

Enhanced camera control from a computer

  1. Keystone compensation enables checking compensation effects as you work for higher precision shooting.
  2. You can confirm the progress of your Live Composite/Live Bulb/Live Time on a computer monitor as you shoot.
  3. Compatible with all bracket settings included on the camera.
  4. Compatible with High Res Shot and Silent shooting.
  5. Compatible with movie shooting.
  6. Power supply via USB cable is now available on the OM-1.

Live View

This displays the camera's live view in real time on a computer.

High-speed, high-resolution Live View

In live view, you can check shooting status the same way as with an EVF image showing the camera level gauge, AF Target frame, focus status, aperture preview, LV boost (Night view), etc.You can also magnify any portion of the image for better AF control and focusing.Also, the live view can be displayed on multiple monitors.

Pursuit of easy shooting

In Live View you can place the grid display in any location you like as well as use the composite display for overlay images, making aligning shooting positions easy.

Post-shooting workflow support

You can automatically download images to a computer after shooting.

Image transfer

Images can be saved to the following options – SD card only, PC only or both SD card and PC.
Image transfer via wireless access point is available with OM-1, E-M1X or E-M1 Mark III.

Linking and using with image management software

By linking with the image management and editing software OM Workspace available from OM Digital Solutions Corp, recorded images can immediately be viewed and edited. Downloaded images can be automatically displayed and viewed on multiple monitors.

  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.